Laser in my everyday practice

Dr. Veselina Bozalieva,
BALDM & ESOLA member
Plovdiv, Bulgaria,

In my work I use an infrared laser with 904 nm wavelength and a multidiode head fitted onto the laser infrared probe (SIX Laser TS-IR, Atlantis, Bulgaria).

The most usual cases I apply laser physiotherapy with are as follows: phlogotic and atrophic changes of the periodontal mucosa and granulations in the periapical and furcal teeth area. I have been particularly successful with the periodontal pathologies regardless of their nosetiology as follows: incipient and progressive shape of plaqueinduced periodontosis involving different tooth mobility extent and attachment loss; with periodontopaties having resulted from general diseases of organism particularly those involved with calcium exchange; hormonal periodontal diseases as follows: pubertal periodontitis, diabetes, thyroid gland disorders, etc. I very often face the need of dealing with the periodontal intoxications having resulted from regular use of certain medicines as follows: calcium antagonists, hydantoins, barbiturates, immunosuppressors.

When dealing with endodontic disorders I mostly use laser in the cases of periapical granulation changes both in acute and chronic periodontitis and furcational granulomas as well.

The postextractional complications lasertherapy has been found to give the best results in my surgery practice as follows: dry alveolas, secondary consolidation and postoperative cares with periodontal curetage, osteoplasty of deep pockets, affecting favourably the adjacent tissue reaction following the extraction of deeply retained wisdom teeth and cystectomies as well. In order to improve the lymphatic efflux I use very often the multidiod head irrespectively of the lymphostasis cause.

Of course, when choosing a treatment protocol I always bear in mind the process type and direction the healing process is bound to take to.

As a rule with phlogotic changes the laser treatment is incorporated into the therapy treatable from my second or third visit onward; up to that moment I have already dealt with the infecton then I proceed further relying heavilly on the laser or in conjunction with ionophoresis.

With atrophic cases the laser is what I begin with and my therapy treatable rarely incorporates other procedures.

Recently I have been using a laser designed for laser acupuncure but I still amass expeience and my work has been based upon well known prescriptions being handed out and drilled on at laser medicine courses only.

I have had a particular success with a female patient who had suffered for a year and a half a combined with a third degree trismus radiation fibrosis to m .maseter dex.

I have also had good results with affecting favourably painful syndrome in tooth alignment following chemo- and radiation therapy.

Bottom line is I use my laser every day in all therapeutic procedures thus producing much better results compared to the conventional routines.