About us

Atlantis develops and manufactures:

• High power diode lasers - dental
• Therapeutic lasers
• Dental diagnostic equipment

Our experienced and qualified team of specialists along with intensive cooperation with medical institutes have been able to create high quality apparatus, intuitive software, user-friendly GUI and well adapted clinical treatment protocols for medical practice. Our medical apparatus are trade name Six.

The company works not only for the Bulgarian market but also is export oriented. Hence our participation in regional and international exhibitions to expand our existing markets while creating new ones. We are enthusiastic and professional experts working to realise new ideas of our own into manufacture!


Atlantis was founded in in 1994 by a team of qualified engineers who had had a long time experience in the field of laser technologies. We can proudly note the fact, that they participated in the development and introduction of the first industrial CO2-laser and diode medical laser in Bulgaria.


The Atlantis vision is to develop and manufacture high-tech medical apparatus based on our own know-how to meet the basic standards and follow the main trends in medicine. Another mission of ours deals with dissemination of laser medicine knowledge and experience and innovative technologies as well.

Company philosophy

We aim to make high tech products, laser technologies in particular, more affordable for a greater number of patients. Thus human oriented physician work will be rewarded with enhanced security, satisfaction and well-being.


Atlantis company is EN ISO 13485:2012 certified.
All our products have CE markings under the 93/42 EEC Directive



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